Not the Voyager 2: LG VX11000 Caught on Camera

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| April 3, 2009

BGR's got the photo right but the story wrong (but only in a minor way, regarding the name, so no worries).  LG's VX11000 was caught with its Verizon branding on by a camera-wielding BGR ninja.  I can add a few details to the story for ya, thanks to a ... NinjaDog ... of my own.


The VX11000 - right, pictured next to the enV3, which will be released first - will not be called Voyager 2, due to licensing issues with Plantronics, makers of the Voyager line of headsets.  Don't have a new name for you yet, unfortunately.

Fortunately, I got some specs, and I trust the source enough to share 'em now that the photos have come to light:

  • 3.2 MP Camera with Flash
  • Dolby Mobile audio (yay), 2.5mm headphone jack (boo)
  • New user interface that borrows heavily from the S-Class UI found on LG's new smartphones
  • No more VCAST TV (really?  huh)
  • Same form factor as Voyager: Clamshell with external touch display, internal non-touch display and QWERTY board
  • And I've been told that LG and VZW did some major work on touchscreen responsiveness

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