T-Mobile Roadmap: Sidekick '09 on May 13, Touch Pro2 July 1, and more

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| April 5, 2009

Start a site called TMoNews and you'd better have a solid line on T-Mo news, right?  Well, it looks like my man David has just that.  While he made sure to title his latest blog post, "Tentative release dates," it looks like David's got hold of T-Mobile's summer roadmap and it's headed up by an answer to the question I've been getting a lot lately: Any news on the new Sidekick?

While I thought we'd see Sidekick '09 this past week at CTIA, I was wrong.  And now it looks like the "Blade" will be dropping in just over a month, on May 13.  I know T-Mo's planning a concert tour to promote the new messaging device, and it looks like they'll be using the tour to build pre-launch interest, as opposed to trying to push sales post-launch.  Either way, SK fans can start saving their pennies now.

Here's the rest of the list:

  • ?Blade? (Sidekick 2009) - May 13
  • HTC ?Maple?/?Snap? - July 1st (contrary to earlier speculation, this seems to confirm a T-Mobile variant)
  • HTC ?Rhodium?/Wing II - July 22nd (also known as the Touch Pro 2)
  • HTC ?Sapphire?/?Magic? - TBD. Sorry folks.. we?ll keep you posted (a.k.a. G2)
  • Sony Ericsson ?CS8? - June 24th (8mp camera? Is this the Android device they've been talking about?)
  • Nokia 1661 (prepaid) - April 29th (We know, a week later than previously mentioned. But you know the wait will be SO worth it. No? really? it will be? )
  • Samsung T349 (prepaid) - May 6th
  • Samsung T239 (prepaid) - May 13th
  • Samsung T559 - July 15th
  • Samsung T469  - July 15th (just a simple two-tone gray, apparently)
  • Samsung T749 - July 22nd (2 colors for this one: red/orange and two-tone gray)
  • Samsung T659 - August 19th