VZW gets Samsung Trance on 4/24

| April 12, 2009

If you?re an audiophile on Verizon Wireless, I've got some good news for you: Big Red's getting some ear candy, via Samsung's new Trance U490. BoyGenius Report says this hot music phone is going live everywhere ? brick-and-mortar stores, online, etc ? on April 24th.

Word is, this handset's not too shabby at all. Sort of a successor to the erstwhile Samsung Juke, the Trance features some nice hardware under its sliding bonnet, with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio tech and dual Bluetooth stereo capability. This means users can hook up two concurrent connections for double playback over separate units.

  • 2.1? screen (176 x 220 resolution)
  • CDMA 1X 800/1900mHz Digital Only
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • 1GB built-in memory for music (16GB MicroSD)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile web, email, VZ Navigator, Chaperone Parent and chat capable
  • V CAST music with Rhapsody support
  • Music player for MP3, WMA and unprotected AAC & AAC+ formats
  • One touch access to music
  • Create and playlists, and listen to music in background
  • Sync music from PC to phone (OTA downloads not supported)
  • Text, picture, and voice messages in thread views
  • Alarm clock, world clock, calculator with converter, stop watch

The price can be dirt cheap, depending on which option you choose. The $99.99 price on a 2-year plan drops to $49.99 after the $50 mail-in rebate. On a 1-year contract, the same phone costs $169.99, but gets cut to $119.99 with the rebate. The no contract price is a flat $219.99.

Okay, so mobile web is hardly anyone's favorite, and a 1.3 MP camera certainly isn't the best. But even so, these specs are no joke. As a music phone, the specs look great and its $50 price tag is ridiculously good. (Where else on Earth would you get Bang & Olufsen hardware for that? I think it costs fifty bucks just to walk into the B&O store and sneeze.) And since it supports syncing to a PC and DRM-free audio playback, users aren't stuck with the dreaded V CAST as their only option. Add in the threaded multi-message views, and that equals one pretty decent package.

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