App Store reaches a billion downloads, winner to get boatload of prizes

| Published: April 23, 2009

I remember watching old sitcoms, and every once in a while, there?d be one that featured its unsuspecting star walking into a store and becoming its one hundredth or one millionth customer. (Like the classic episode of ?Laverne & Shirley,? when the girls win a supermarket shopping spree in the fourth season.) Wackiness would then usually ensue.

Well, no crazy stunts here with Apple's one billionth download at the App Store. Just full-on jealousy, on my part.

Whoever hit the button on that landmark purchase ? which took place just 9 months after the App Store launched ? scored a booty of Apple gear, including a 17-inch MacBook Pro, a 32GB iPod touch, a $10,000 iTunes gift card and a Time Capsule. BoyGenius Report estimates that all those prizes are worth $13,746. (!)

The winning customer and the app s/he downloaded haven't been announced yet. But if this follows the typical Lucky Lotto pattern, and the winner's a senior citizen from Boca or my local fruit stand purveyor, I?ll know life truly isn't fair.

And we can't even enjoy watching the winner run around an Apple Store with a big supermarket shopping cart, grabbing stuff off the shelves.

[Via & BGR]