Which is more exciting, Palm Pre launch or Verizon iPhone rumors?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| April 28, 2009

While Palm continues to tease us with bits of Pre viral marketing here and there but no actual information regarding the device's launch on Sprint in the US ... or on any other carrier anywhere else, either ... Apple raked in some more free publicity this week with the latest iPhone rumors du jour.  This time it's the "Verizon iPhone" story spun a new way: A few major media outlets have Apple in serious talks with Big Red regarding some sort of Apple devices coming to VZW as soon as this Summer.  Could be a CDMA "iPhone Lite" and some kind of Apple e-Reader/Netbook this year, or could be an LTE (4G) iPhone on VZW in 2010 or '11.

Either way, I no longer know what to be excited about - or exasperated by.  So I turn to you, fair readers and ask: Which are you most hyped up about, a Pre that hasn't been let out of its cage or an iPhone that may or may not ever be adorned with Verizon's logo?

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