I've had a weekend with T-Mobile's new Sidekick LX 2009 now, and while that's not quite enough testing for me to give a full-on review of the device, I can give you some first impressions.  Look for more feature-by-feature SKLX videos and plenty of twitter updates as I continue testing:

1. Overall the device feels slimmer and nicer than previous Sidekicks.  The size and shape reminds me a bit of the AT&T Samsung Impression - it's more like a large messaging phone than a bulky Sidekick, which is a good thing.

2. I'm still a bit worried about the swivel hinge, though - my screen isn't gonna snap off, right?

3. The keyboard is really good, I think.  I'm still adjusting to how it's much harder feeling than other mushier cell phoen keyboards I'm used to.  But I think that's just adjustment.  When I trust the keyboard I notice that my typing is pretty accurate, and the spacing of the keys is great.

4. 3G speeds seem pretty good.  Web browser is quite nice so far - not quite on par with the Operas and Safari Mobiles of the world, but it's making pages look as they should, which is the most important thing.

5, I LOVE the twitter client (I'm down on FB and MySpace right now or else I'd love those, too). The notifications system is pretty good - looks like T-Mo learned and borrowed from the G1's notifications panel in developing the SK's system.

6.  The screen is as gorgeous as advertised.

7.  I mistakenly thought the screen was smaller than G1's screen - I think the relatively large bezel around the screen makes it feel a tiny bit smaller than it really is.

8.  I wish there was a way to manually refresh twitter updates, my mail Inbox, etc.  So far the best I can find for sating my twitter addiction is "Update every 5 minutes."  Won't cut it for me, for better or for worse.

9. Email Inbox limit is too small.  That's a big issue with a flagship messaging device.

10. 3.5mm audio jack: Yay!

11. I don't mind the "childish" Sidekick OS as much as some "adults" do, but I do wish I could use my own images as home screen backgrounds.  Can I?  Anybody know how?  The selection of $2.99 wallpapers offered by T-Mo is leaving me a bit cold.

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