Manic Monday post: Weird phone invention sends real kisses remotely

| May 4, 2009

Since I started posting odd/fun/crazy/entertaining bits on Mondays to start off the week, I've been amazed at all the clever/kooky things people come up with. This is definitely no exception.

This may be the weirdest ?news of the weird?'type thing yet: A French inventor has created the first kissing cellular device (seriously, you read that right. It's got big pink lips and all).

Georges Koussouros concocted this strange gadget so people can send real smooches remotely. You would have to actually put your lips on the handset, which detects the pressure, percussion speed, temperature and ? I am not making this up ? "sucking force of the kiss," and then transmits the data to the recipient's handset, which replicates the exact same kiss. Users would be able to repeat them, leave some as a wacky messages and even forward kisses to others.

Oh, those wacky Frenchmen. They do so love the amour.

Koussouros? other, way-less-bizarre inventions include new fertilizer packaging and a self-locking door.

[via TG Daily]