Cupcake: May 11th.

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| May 6, 2009

That's the roaring buzz today. And while @TMobile_USA hasn't followed up on their pre-announcement Cupcake Twitter promise, (at the time of this writing - check the comments for changes) reliable sources say employees have the official start date for over-the-air updates. Oh, and there's a screenshot from T-Mo's Intranet - seen below, thanks to TMo News.

UPDATE: T-Mo's PR is sending out the announcements now, so the cat is officially out of the bag.

I figure a good chunk of the folks reading this know exactly what's coming, but just to clarify, here are some of the primary changes you can expect:

  • Virtual QWERTY
  • Video recording
  • Better camera software
  • Performance boost, including longer battery life
  • Stereo bluetooth with easy pairing
  • Screen lock during call (double-tap)
  • Interface tweaks and nifty transitions

The release of Cupcake may not be an indicator of when we can expect Sapphire - likely now called MyTouch - but keep in mind that the opening for that release window falls on May 13th. Is that a cruel tease, or what? Seriously, I know nothing about when the US Magic will debut. Just sayin'...

Android Cupcake release date at

BGR has another T-Mobile Intranet screenshot, for those who are interested.

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