Someone's making a new Linux handset

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| May 14, 2009

Rather, someone's making a new Linux stack for a lot of different devices. Considering the recent news that Nokia and Intel are collaborating on a Linux project called oFono that would compete with Android, it's pretty reasonable to speculate that the job listing below comes from either Samsung or Nokia. Underneath the listing is an illustration of the oFono software stack, courtesy of Unwired View.

Linux GUI Expert needed for a major handset company - Dallas, TX or San Jose, CA

Duration: Contract to hire

The Linux GUI expert is part of a team that designs and implements advanced GUI components on Linux for handset platforms. The GUI expert will work with other team members in developing new features, enhancing current features and supporting released versions. The GUI expert is expected to know the internals of leading edge toolkits such as Qt, Gtkmm, Flex3, etc.

- Design and build next-generation GUI 2D and 3D toolkits, and port them to Linux platforms
- Write design documents explaining internals of one or more modules of the GUI toolkit
- Measure and characterize performance of one or more modules of the GUI toolkit, and suitably improve performance as needed
- Develop abstractions to hide platform specific capabilities
- Apply critical in-depth understanding of UI platforms, graphics performance, HW-SW boundaries to improve on existing design and create new designs
- Come up with advanced UI concepts and designs to improve upon current UI frameworks
- Be an in-house Guru for all GUI toolkit related information

- Knowledge (internals) and experience in contemporary GUI toolkits and APIS such as Flex3, Qt, Gtkmm, Cairo, OpenVG, OpenGL-ES, SVG etc.
- Experience developing applications on Linux platforms
- Alternately, demonstrable expertise in development of other GUI toolkits or frameworks (proprietary or open-source)
- Very strong design and abstraction skills ? as it relates to programming, development of re-usable components etc.
- Theoretical and Practical knowledge of graphics algorithms (transforms, rotations, etc.)
- Fluent in C/C++ programming (C++ preferred); ability to hand-code critical routines in optimal assembly language (ARM/Thumb)
- Expertise in UI related scripting technology such as XML, CSS, Javascript etc. are highly desirable
- Masters degree in CS with specialization in Computer Graphics is desired, but not required