New to town? Let your BlackBerry Poynt the way

Joni Blecher
Editor Director - from  San Francisco, CA
| May 16, 2009

There are a few services that you can download that will help you find the places you want to go whether on the road or in your own backyard. Let's add another service to the list that can be downloaded to your BlackBerry from the App World, it's called Poynt.

Basically it's a search service that includes info on local businesses, movies and map it in its current form. You can use the GPS on your cell phone to automatically find your location or enter one manually. In a couple of weeks the service will include restaurants that will incorporate available info from OpenTable and Yelp. So you'll get ratings from Yelp and be able to determine availability and make reservations using OpenTable. If you have an OpenTable account just log-in once and you'll be remembered, so you can earn all those OpenTable points (these will get you something - eventually, but at the very least offers convenience and efficiency now) and if not, you can create an account on the BlackBerry.

This service is free and will work on the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, and all Pearls and Curves running the BlackBerry 4.2.1 OS and higher. We?re going to take the app for a spin once restaurants are incorporated and report back on how it works for us.