More Nokia news: N97 coming June 2

Published: May 19, 2009

Someone over at Nokia's had their Wheaties, I think. Three new entry-level phones, another funky swivel device passing the FCC, and now this: The company just notified one of its North American distributors that the estimated ship date for the N97 will be June 2nd.

Even so, as we reported earlier, the estimated shipment date on the pre-order site says July 2009. Does that mean it will take a month after arrival to actually hit store shelves? Maybe so. Or maybe it was a red herring designed to stir up some excitement, sort of like a prelude before the company really wows the fans by speeding up the launch date. That would be kind of awesome.

Talk about an embarrassment of riches. It's almost as if Nokia couldn't resist jumping in, if only to remind people that not everything's about the Palm Pre or iPhone. And so now we've got multiple hot new smartphones to look forward to, possibly around the same time.

Is it just me, or does it seem like the first week of June is taking forever to get here??

[The Nokia Blog via Engadget Mobile]

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