Palm Pre: Related handset news (pt 2 of 2)

| May 22, 2009

Lots of info circulating about the Pre these days. In fact, as soon as this two-part blog post goes live, I?m sure there?ll be even more. But I did my best to compile what we know about the launch so far in Part 1, which you can find here. Keep on reading below, however, for even more Pre-related news.

No visual voicemail for Pre
If having visual voicemail is a dealbreaker for you, then you may not have to fuss with the Pre or its launch at all. One Mr. KirkYuhnke posed a question about whether the handset will have this feature ? and the company actually responded. Though users won't be able to eyeball phone messages out of the box, I wonder how long it will take for someone to develop an app for it.

Sprint's Palm Pre marketing
A couple months ago, Engadget's  Joshua Topolsky brought late-night host Jimmy Fallon a Pre to play with, making them one of the precious few who have actually had their hands on the smartphone. Apparently, the company was pleased with the buzz, becoming a new sponsor of the show.

Sprint has also started airing commercials with a Pre cameo in it, which was spotted on a recent episode of Law & Order: SVU. So the carrier has begun in earnest to market a device that hardly anyone will actually get. That's just great. Talk about your heavy-handed manipulation of the masses.

So are you fed up yet? Or are you just as intent on nabbing this phone as ever? Go ahead and vent in the comments.


UPDATE: Precentral posted a vid of the Pre in the wild, leaked from one of its own forum users called Doc31. Must be a clandestine scenario, since the dude's playing with it in his car. The soundless clip, which is obviously not a corporate video, offers a brief look at the Palm Profile screen, where users enter info for handset-to-cloud syncing.

In addition to posting the vid, Doc31 also shared his impressions of the Pre on the Precentral forums, including the following:

?This thing feels GREAT. SOLID but kind of organic, its kind of hard to explain but it feels GREAT  [...] Very simple the best slider I have ever felt. When open its like a expensive knife when the handle is balanced with the blade, or maybe its just because it rest in my palm well. [...] Also I just wanted to say the OS as a whole looks amazing. It just feels fresh and new and I promise a lot of people will be impressed with just the call screen alone.?

Well, it looks like this handset may really be worth all the fuss. All I can say is ? it better be. The only thing worse than jumping through hoops is doing it for a mediocre device.

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