Memphis arrives as Lancaster - for AT&T

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| May 24, 2009

I'm going to refer, once again, to the HTC '09 line-up that was leaked back in January. If you jump down to the bottom of that post, you'll find a hard-QWERTY slider called Memphis that looks pretty slick, if a bit blurry. The first photo below gives a marginally better view. The second photo, however, is high-rez and provides all kinds of other information.

Memphis is now the Lancaster, and it's headed for AT&T. QVGA display, 1350 mAh battery, 3MP cam... see the rest for yourself. The new image came from Engadget Mobile, who cautiously calls August 3rd as the date of availability. Oh yeah, it's another Android device! Thanks to PhxBlue for the heads up.

Lancaster (Memphis) running Android at

...and one more, courtesy of Engadget,  for good luck!

Lancaster (Memphis) running Android at

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