Ions - get your fresh hot Ions

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| Published: May 28, 2009

Engadget titled this story Google's altruistic Ion giveaway instantly rewarded with blind greed. And while I can understand the angle, I identify pretty strongly with the geek who overextended himself in order to indulge in techy vice - only to sober up and realize that he has bills to pay. (Yes, it's sexist. But the sentence was painfully awkward when egalitarianized.)

For those of you with some change to spare, you can begin bidding on the first (but not likely the last) Ion to sell on ebay right here. You could probably take it for a spin and sell it at a 5% loss. I know I would if I could. Heck, it might turn out to be a collectable. The box might even be worth something in a few years. And If ebay gets flooded with these and the price drops, it could be a great investment for resale in a few months.

If you scrounged, borrowed and sold your way to I/O - here's one way recoup that cash. Whether or not you can recover grandma's golden tooth is another matter. Gizmodo's review of the phone is here.