Weekly News In Review: The Palm Pre

Aaron Baker
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Published: May 30, 2009

Since we can't actively cover every news
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Like many of you, we're eagerly awaiting the launch of the Palm Pre, billed by many as the largest phone launch since the 2007 release of the iPhone.  Due to launch day being one week from today (Saturday, June 6th), our Weekly News In Review segment is focusing on Pre news, rumors, and general information.

BGR reviews Palm Pre

The guys at BGR were fortunate enough to score a Palm Pre ahead of the game, and in their initial review, they find some likes and dislikes.  The Pre's strongest issues centered around the keyboard and the overall build quality of the device, with a close friend telling them that the device felt like a "fisher price toy."  The keyboard seemed to be a point of contention as well, primarily due to the small keys and lack of space around them.  The webOS platform received high marks, as did the Pre's screen.  The full review can be found here.

Palm Pre to sync with iTunes and iPhoto
Mac users need not worry - the Pre will sync with iTunes and iPhoto, according to comments by Palm Chairman Jon Rubinstein at the D7 event on Thursday.  In a live demo, iTunes recognized the Palm Pre as a "device" that could sync all but FairPlay-protected music.  In regards to a potential lawsuit by Apple, Palm supporter Roger McNamee argued against the monopolist tendencies of Apple and said that it isn't likely to break Palm sync on purpose.  "iTunes sync by itself recognizes Apple's market dominance in online music, and customers can't be forced to use particular devices for their music," he said.  Via Electronista (photo: Engadget)

Palm Pre exclusivity to Sprint explained
When news of AT&T and Verizon picking up the Palm Pre hit the circuit, some began to wonder when Sprint's six month exclusivity period officially ended.  As originally thought, the six month period runs through the end of 2009, confirmed in a short statement by Sprint spokesman James Fisher.  "We have the Pre through 2009," he said.  Via EverythingPre

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