Best Buy employee leaks Palm Pre stock levels

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| June 2, 2009

We'll admit, we were wondering how the Palm Pre stock levels were going to look at Best Buy stores around the nation, primarily due to the rampant rumors about short-term supply shortages.  An equally inquisitive employee posting on EverythingPre's forums has leaked several screenshots of estimated inventory levels across the nation - some good, some bad.  Stores in North Carolina, Florida, and Texas seem to be well-off, while others in Massachusetts are shaping up to get a few devices.

As this article was going to press, a tipster informed Engadget Mobile that the "On Order" number didn't mean, well, devices that are on order; rather it was how many devices the manager had requested.  Based on the numeric amounts, I don't buy that theory.  People don't request 12, or 16, or 9 devices; they typically give rounded numbers.  At any rate, the inventory screenshots give a good idea as to how many devices Best Buy's around the nation will carry.  Prepare for long lines!

Source: EverythingPre

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