Mobile Month: HTC and Samsung announce June launch events

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: June 2, 2009


As if June wasn't busy enough already, two more of the mobile industry's heaviest hitters just announced launch events for later this month.

Samsung is "unpacking" a new device on June 15th and has a fancy website and contest to tell you all about it.  Funny how Samsung Unpacked sounds a lot like Nokia's Pass the Parcel promo, but anyway ... They've also got a doozy of a tagline in, "Discover overwhelming power and performance. The new Samsung mobile phone. Unpacked before the world at three launch events, in London, Dubai, and Singapore."  A little birdy told me that they'll also be unpacking the phone in New York City on the 15th.  Could it be the i7500 Android device?  The Pixon 12 ultra-high res cameraphone?  We shall see - and apparently we'll get some clues as soon as this Friday when the phone's specs are revealed online.

HTC just dropped me a line regarding a Global launch event scheduled for June 24th in London.  What's going down there?  "At the event we will be celebrating a global announcement and welcome you to learn more about the future of HTC design."  I'm guessing they'll be taking the wraps off of the HTC Hero.  Given that I also got an email today from T-Mobile hinting at their next Android phone ("T-Mobile is planning to offer the follow-on device to the T-Mobile G1 early this summer. We?ll have more details to share on this exciting Android-powered device later this month? stay tuned."), I think we might be seeing the official launch of HTC's custom user interface for Android - think TouchFlo 3D, but for Google's mobile OS - and that it might wind up on T-Mo's "MyTouch."

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