One million Palm apps downloaded

| Published: June 26, 2009

It's been a little over two weeks, and last I heard, there isn't much in Palm's app store ? just 30 or so entries. And yet, its software biz has hit a new milestone: The Palm App Catalog has exceeded 1 million downloads.

Given the estimated 150,000 handsets sold thus far and the 1,015,038 downloaded yesterday, one thing's for sure: Pre users are certainly turning out to be an active bunch.

The math shakes out like this: On average, seven applications per Pre user has been downloaded, and a given app has been downloaded roughly 33,800 times. Again, there are only about 30 apps in the store. That's just crazy. Imagine what will happen when the SDK is on wide release, and there are tens of thousands of apps in there (like that other app store).

And not everyone's even gotten their Pre devices yet, as retailers keep running out of stock. When the full rush of gadgets drop in this first (second?) wave, those numbers are going to be sick.

[via BoyGenius Report]

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