Sprint to get Motorola i465 Clutch

| June 30, 2009

Check out the geometrically angled keys, balanced by the curved lines, and the muted black/gray/brick color scheme. It's all so? meh.

This thunderously mundane handset, known as the i465 Clutch, debuted to yawns last month on Boost Mobile, a Sprint-owned carrier. (Okay, maybe ?yawns? is a strong word. After all, the messaging phone is Boost's first QWERTY device, so someone somewhere was probably glad to see this.)

Now for some reason, the mother ship is calling this home, as well. The i465 Clutch is heading to Sprint for the bargain basement price of $39.99, after rebates. (Sheesh. I think I may have spent more on a Fisher Price toy phone for my nephew.)

The handset ? which offers threaded SMS and MMS messaging, POP3 email, Bluetooth, a VGA camera and Direct Connect ? is estimated to arrive sometime this summer. So if you are a Sprint subscriber looking for a cheapo entry-level messaging phone (and don't care too much about looks), you won't have long to wait.

[via BoyGenius Report]

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