DIY: Make your own cheap iPhone tripod mount

| Published: July 1, 2009

Man, I love DIY stuff. This one's no exception.

Given the fact that new 3G S owners have proven ? in large numbers ? to be vid-crazy, the following YouTube clip will be really handy for someone out there who's trying to figure out how to mount their iPhones for shake-proof captures.

Obviously, this isn't intended to be a permanent case for the device (how would you stick this in your pocket??). But as a camera accessory, as opposed to a phone accessory, this works nicely. The only beef I have with it is that the hardware isn't retractable. That would've made this a near perfect solution for would-be iPhone photogs or videographers. Even so, it's still pretty sweet.

If you've got an engineering brain that just can't help but tinker with accessories or hardware, please share them by emailing, attn: AL. Creativity fused with practicality is just an awesome thing, and we?d love to give you a little spotlight on your projects.

And now, here's the vid.