Seriously, I thought someone was pulling my leg when I saw this. The most featured new function on the recently released Fotochat iPhone app is something called, “Blow your Love.”

Yikes. Okay, well that got my attention. Here’s the scoop: Turns out the app plugs into the Fotochat dating community, allowing users to blow into the microphone end of their iPhones to find nearby Fotochatters — based on age, city and profile — who also just blew into his or her device. Photos of matches are then displayed, which lets the user literally chat up the newfound connection right on the handset.

This wacky “app du amour” comes from a French-based company called UTEL, who of course also created the Fotochat dating network. It claims that there are already 1.4 million users in the community, though it’s unclear how many of them are in France or here in the States (or whether the stat is even true. I have some doubts).

I don’t know what to make of this. I’m glad to see creative implementations of unique features, but this one’s kind of out there. I went to the site to see if the app or the company was for real, and saw several large company logos — like Virgin, McDonald’s, etc — under the “Partners” section. Looks good, but that doesn’t prove anything, so I looked around and also saw this when I clicked on “Historic”:

Talk about your really, really poor translations. I can’t figure out what it’s trying to say. But wait. It gets even better. The full press release had me in stitches. I’m putting it here for your reading pleasure. (Now, I do not endorse this app, nor have I even tried it. In truth, I’m actually a little afraid of this one. This is here purely for your entertainment.)


Paris, 18 June 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Following the successful release of Fotochat for mobile (with 1.4 million girls and boys already registered), the newest version of Fotochat is now available on iPhone.

It has kept the look & feel and super simple navigation that made this mobile service so successful, while adding a truly fun and romantic functionality which will soon be part of your life!

To view the Multimedia News Release, please click:

« Blow your Love » ©
Blow on your iPhone and it will find someone who is ONLINE near you and matches your profile (age, city, preferences)

Your iPhone sends thousands of little hearts to the screen and searches for a person of the same age group and city as you, who also just blew on her iPhone... Her high-definition picture appears on your screen.

You can then begin to send real time messages. It’s magic!

Fotochat is one of the best Casual Dating service. It allows you to meet new people, in a very simple way, wherever you are.
Fotochat equals after work fun, every day at any time, in 2 clicks and one puff of breath. It means lots of love for the entire summer!
Fotochat will be available at AppStore as of June 21, 2009. Registering takes exactly one minute, and the free LITE version will let you discover the service. This service remains free for girls 24/7.

It’s summertime, time to blow!

There are far too many cockamamie apps to try and cover them all, but this one had me laughing from Hello. If you’re tempted to try this out, you’re a braver person than I am. Here’s what you need to know, in a nutshell:

•You have to register to the app work
•There are 3 versions: Fotochat Lite (free to search), Fotochat Silver ($11.99, to send unlimited priority messages to Fotochatters for a month) and Fotochat Gold ($30.99, to send unlimited priority messages to Fotochatters for 3 months)
•Some negative reviews on iTunes accuse this of being a fake service, with bots or paid people chatting with users. Can’t say whether that’s true or not, but proceed at your own caution.

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