HTC Touch Pro 2 arriving at T-Mobile in August

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Rumor Czar from  Charleston, SC
| July 6, 2009

In an effort to show T-Mobile's customers that they deserve something newer than the Wing, it appears that the HTC Touch Pro2 will be coming to Magenta on August 12th.  In a show of good cheer, the device will be available in all channels at launch; in a rare gesture, even employees will be able to purchase the device.  With a target audience of "successful professionals" (as opposed to unsuccessful ones?), the Touch Pro2 will offer Microsoft Outlook Exchange Sync, 3G, and a QWERTY keyboard.

Granted, T-Mobile can be late to the party from time to time, but it's nice to see that they're picking up some new smartphones. 

Source: TmoNews

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