myTouch pre-orders begin

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| Published: July 8, 2009

I'm happy to announce that today is the start date for pre-orders of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google. You can put in your reservation now by clicking this link or by hitting the T-Mo homepage and clicking "Get it Now!" next to the picture of a myTouch. If you get in on the pre-order, you will receive your unit in the last few days of July or the first few of August.

T-mobile myTouch 3G with Google

Pre-orders are limited to existing customers. If you are eligible for a two-year contract extension you can get the phone for $199.99. But if your extension eligibility date was moved up by a customer service rep, like mine was, the phone is $399.99 on contract. The phone is $499.99 without a contract.

T-mobile myTouch 3G with Google

This means I cannot pre-order. my eligibility was moved up as a greatly appreciated gesture of courtesy for some hassles I had with my G1. Pre-orders are taken online only, and customer service reps have no access to the details of the sale. They can't change the shipping address after the order is placed, they can't change the unit prices populated at the website based on your account standing, and they can't wait for you to order online and then refund the difference. Believe me, I tried.

T-mobile myTouch 3G with Google

I have about a month to mull this one over. That's plenty of time for other Android handsets to be announced so my plans aren't set in stone.

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