Google Voice application arrives for Android and BlackBerry platform

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: July 15, 2009

Google is moving and shaking these days - and the latest tool from the camp is an official Google Voice application, available for BlackBerry and Android users.  Through the application, users can dial out using their Google Voice phone number and can view voicemail transcripts, all without the hassle of going online.  No word as to when SMS integration will take place, but the fact that I can dial out using my Google Voice number is fantastic news. 

In another recently added feature, users can now change their Google Voice number for a one time, $10 charge.  Very useful if you've moved since you set up the account in the Grand Central days, or if you're just tired of getting telemarketing calls.  Plus, it allows you to select the number yourself, so if you're looking for a vanity number, you may have a chance.  Those itching to port may be able to do so soon, as number portability is said to be on the way, according to Vincent Paquet, senior product manager for Google Voice.

For those running Android, open the Android Market and search for "Google Voice."  For BlackBerry users, point your mobile browser to  Think there should be a Palm, iPhone, or Windows Mobile application?  Suggest it to them here.

Source: CNET