Google Search For My Location (iPhone 3.0)

| Published: July 20, 2009

Got iPhone 3.0? Then check out Google's search function using its new My Location feature. It's available via Safari, which zeros in on a user's area to deliver relevant local results, like nearby bars, restaurants or weather data.

Though it works practically anywhere, the searches seem to offer more value if you?re in a major metropolitan area. Small towns without a lot of business presence online may not yield a lot of website results ? just contact listings. (That's certainly not Google's fault. It just takes awhile for some regional mom-and-pop shops to step into the 21st century.) Even so, when all you need is an address and phone number, it's still a handy tool to have in your pocket.

To give it a go, launch Safari and go to Google. Once there, you can turn on My Location, which will send up screen nags asking you if the app can use your location. Click ?Allow?, and you?re good to go. When you need to change your location, just hit the ?Update? link on the main Google page.

Not interested in My Location? That's cool. Shutting it off is pretty easy. On, hit the ?Preferences? link and click on the ?No? radio button under ?Allow use of device location?? (If you?d rather spare your battery and don't need location-aware services on your phone at all, you can set your location prefs to ?OFF? under ?Settings,? then ?General.?)

For now, Google Search with My Location for iPhone 3.0 is available only in the US and the UK.

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