BlackBerry Messenger issues surface; is 5.0 beta to blame?

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: July 24, 2009

When my BlackBerry Messenger started to act up yesterday, I thought it was just me.  And they were interesting issues, to say the least.  I would send a series of BlackBerry messages, only to have the first and last one go through, but not the second one.  When I would add new BlackBerry Messenger users, their name wouldn't come up, only the PIN.  At the time, I had just upgraded to the BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 beta, and chalked it up to bugs in it.

My interest was piqued when I sat down at my desk this morning to discover that others were having the exact same issue.  Among the issues, many of which I was also struggling with, lagging messages were reported, with message delays as long as six hours.  RIM released an official announcement acknowledging the issue, but many across the internet believe that the real issue was a result of too many downloading the BBM 5.0 beta.  Later reports suggested that RIM was well aware of issues with the BlackBerry Messenger delivery servers and took some of them offline to repair, only to have trouble bringing them back online.

So, long story short, we don't know what happened.  Could it have been the mass downloading of 5.0?  Or just a system issue?  Or a system issue as a result of 5.0?  Until RIM gives an official answer, it's anyone's guess.  As of the writing of this article, I'm still having message delivery problems - is anyone else in the same boat?  Shoot me a tweet, or hit the comments section!