Verizon teases Android fans

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| July 29, 2009

It's not an official announcement, launch date, or even a model name, but it's something. Dennis Strigl, VZW's COO, has publicly said that Android is on the roadmap. This was in the context of talking Pre's Verizon launch next year, but is positioned in an article at WIRED under a quote about the company's plans for the next few months. Don't take too much away from the tempting proximity though.

CDMA functionality is part of the next Android release, some of which was made available to developers the other day. There isn't an official public release date for Donut, as it's called, but we can keep an eye on Sony Ericsson as an indicator. Their coming Android devices will be running a newer version of the OS, and while we can't say the Android XPERIA will drop on the same day as Android 2.0, looking around at the players can give us a ballpark estimate.

VZW, Sprint, and SE are all counting on Android Donut (at minimum) for their phones. An announcement of a date from Google won't necessarily trigger the three companies to follow suit, but we'll know the stage is set. One can only hope that Acer is waiting on Donut as well because that would place the pastry in September. There's no way too know for sure, but I'm thinking the company's "secret models" (not E1, C1, or F1) will require multi-touch.

Donut does not offer muti-touch, but the 2.o version of Android will. The two were thought to be one and the same for some time, but this is not the case. Rather, Donut is a branch of code that will be included in 2.0, much as Cupcake was (released to devs first, then) included in the 1.5 firmware. So when we say we're waiting for 2.o, we're talking Donut features and then some.