Pics of rumored Nokia N97 ?Mini? spotted

Published: July 31, 2009

Nokia fans who believed in the mythological Mini N97 may have gotten their due: Images of the rumored phone have popped up in a side-by-side with the original.

Take the full-fledged N97, put it in the dryer and shrink it a size or two, and that's pretty much what this Mini looks like at first glance. A closer look at the slightly smaller, thinner handset reveals that the camera has gone au natural (without a cover) and lost the d-pad (at the left side of the original). Instead, the little guy has a four buttons grouped at the right for navigation.

No other specs or details are known at this time.

If this is real, I hope it's a really, really early prototype. There just doesn't seem to be enough difference between this and the original ? neither in size nor style ? to make it worthwhile.

[via BoyGenius Report, Engadget Mobile]

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