iPhone app: Score points with loved ones with American Greetings app

Published: August 13, 2009

Mobile phone etiquette is a popular topic these days. Maybe it's because the rules of conduct are too rigid for the flexibility-seeking, always-on, always-connected cellular generation. So it's great to see an app that basically enables a phone to be used for courtesy.

AmericanGreetings.com has launched a new iPhone application that lets users send e-cards from their devices.

Okay, so you might look at this and wonder who the target customer is ? some older lady with cat quilts? Or a young conservative who likes rainbows? Yeah, I did too. Who else would want to take up valuable real estate on their cell phones with this? But even if you?re not the warm-and-fuzzy type, there's still a good reason not to write this off at first glance.

Picture it: You?re hanging with your buds, watching the game, when you suddenly realize that it's your ______'s birthday. (Fill in the blank: Mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, whatever? Okay, maybe not Fido.) Crap.

You?re not going to rush out now and buy a birthday card, not at the bottom of the ninth, with two outs and two men on base. If you have the American Greetings app, you don't have to. Just grab your iPhone, launch the application, and send an e-card from your handset.

Seriously, this is a stroke of brilliance for the forgetful among us. There's nothing like building up some points with Mom/Pop/wifey, etc, especially when you want expensive baseball tickets (or that new droolworthy smartphone). And imagine the look on your loved ones' faces when they realize ? awwww, you remembered!

There are more than 80 e-card designs (including animated e-cards, postcards and uploadable photo greetings), so you can browse, personalize and send e-cards to any e-mail address ? all during a commercial break. The selection features popular choices from the AmericanGreetings.com website, as well as new ones developed specifically for the iPhone.

The app is available and free for a limited time. (AmericanGreetings.com also offers a downloadable toolbar for reminders and makes e-cards available for Facebook.)

An electronic greeting card may not really cut it for landmark events, like a 21st birthday or 10-year anniversary, but for regular occasions, it can definitely help. Sure, flowers or theater tickets are better, but at least with this you won't look like a jerk who simply forgot.

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