What is Moto cooking for CTIA?

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| Published: August 15, 2009

I should preface this post by clearly stating that I have no inside information on the gossip contained within. Outside of circumstantial evidence and the educated guesses of others, I have no special source with dirt on exactly what Motorola will be announcing at CTIA Fall in San Diego this October, though we do know that they will be unveiling some new handsets. I should also warn you that you're about to encounter a boat load of links. That said, let's get to the juicy.

Motorola has made it abundantly clear that their commitment to Android is deep. Considering the current state of their position in the cell phone market, I don't think they can afford to do anything halfway. And if Moto is putting all of their eggs in the Android basket, as it would appear, that likely means a host of new phones to drool over in the coming year. Which will come and when is mostly a matter of speculation. But it appears that the ramp-up has begun.

Motorola seems enthusiastic about their Google partnership, and wants developers and consumers to feel the same way. Check out, for example, their recent push to get people remixing the Android logo for Moto's Facebook page. (Last status update at the time of this writing reads, "If you are doing Android coding this weekend, raise your hand...I mean..comment on this status.") I hope this means that Moto will be working on some custom apps alongside their whispered Blur UI. Yes - a custom UI that - at least conceptually - echos HTC's amazing Sense. I'm liking where this is going.

If buzz and rumor are correct, Motorola will be launching the coveted Android 2.0 - which is widely expected to carry the long-awaited multi-touch feature. Many are speculating that this firmware will premiere on the oh-so-sexy Sholes device. Sanjay Jha, Motorola's CEO, has said explicitly that two Android devices will be available on two different carriers by year's end, and most suspect these to be the Morrison on T-Mo (supposedly in September) and the Sholes on Verizon. What is less apparent is what Motorola has in store for the beginning of next year, but I hope to get a taste from CTIA - whether personally or vicariously via another PhoneDog. Will Calgary come to life this Autumn?

Clearly, while Motorola needs a strong shot in the arm from Android, they're not sitting around on their collective laurels waiting to be rescued. This is a pro-active campaign, and I think it indicates exciting things to come. It's easy to see at the MotoDov Summit homepage that for Motorola, CTIA is all about Android. And looking at recent public actions, I'd say Motorola is as well. I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of their little Droids.