Video ads for magazines have arrived

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| August 19, 2009

Just like The Daily Prophet newspaper from the Harry Potter films - but probably without the spastic sneering - Entertainment Weekly is about to publish video ads on paper. CBS and Pepsi put together the experiment, which is expected to manifest in the form of a "cell phone-sized" screen on one page of Entertainment Weekly next month.

Only some subscribers - found in the New York and Los Angeles metro areas - will get to own the ad, but there's little doubt that the buzz bound to be stirred will merit media coverage. I can't wait to see a video. Esquire magazine's 75th anniversary issue donned an E Ink screen on the cover, and it was all the rage. Check out a video of that below.

Keep your eyes on ebay for this little bit of history, but prepare to be out-bid. Costs of production have not been disclosed, but this first one is a very limited run.

Via Financial Times