Is the Lancaster vaporware?

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| August 20, 2009

Despite disappointing specs, HTC's Lancaster has a great form factor and lovely image. Perhaps most importantly, it represents the first chance for AT&T subscribers to nab an Android handset. Unfortunately, that chance has been pushed back. I don't have any inside info, but I don't think the phone has been axed.

The snap that gave us the most important information we have on Lancaster is back to deliver some bad news: the TA date (whatever that is) has come and gone without a peep. No word on whether or not the Lab Entry date was met.

Fortunately, there may be some good news tucked in there as well: "Initial Lab Entry dates were based on Google Mobile Services (GMS) UI. AT&T standard UI has been requested, which puts schedule in question." Does this mean we'll see some sexy overlay a la HTC's Sense?

Android Lancaster on ice

As I say every single time I encounter, hear about, or think of one, I dislike grid keyboards. I like my keys like I like I like my women; staggered. O.K., bad joke. Sorry hun. Anyway, even though I'm a bit put off by the keyboard arrangement, this is one grid QWERTY I'd like to take for a spin. Maybe AT&T just put this one on ice to pop a better display in there. More likely, they're working on a killer custom UI. Let me know when it's unlocked.

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