T-Mobile Pulse clears FCC

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| August 19, 2009

While the banding isn't right for 3G speeds on T-Mobile US, a recent
FCC filing shows the stamp of approval for "Model Number:T-Mobile
Pulse/Pulse/U8220." I suppose it could be a T-Mo Europe phone to be re-branded for use on another American carrier, but it sure doesn't look like that's the direction this is heading. What people are talking most about is the product's association with (or
alter-ego as) the premier Stateside Huawei Android device we've been reading
about for months.

While it may not be exactly the same as the U8230 unveiled in Singapore this June, that seems like a reasonable place to look for missing specs. If so, we can count in a 3.5" display. Regardless of whether the Pulse
is or is not identical to the 8330, we know it has a 1500 mAh
battery. Nice! No word on a street date just yet.

Huawei Pulse coming to T-Mobile

Via Into Mobile