Tidbit Tuesday: New OS for BlackBerry Bold; Nokia 6650 recalled

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| August 25, 2009

Since we can't actively cover every news article that breaks (as
much as we would love to), PhoneDog compiles various announcements and
press releases that have been published throughout the week and places
them in one easy to read article.  Enjoy!

(Formerly known as "Weekly News In Review")

AT&T releases OS for BlackBerry Bold, complete with Visual Voicemail
Its been a long wait for AT&T users, but a new (official) software revision is finally available from AT&T.  Stepping up from the original that shipped with the BlackBerry Bold, OS offers a few new features, including access to MobiTV, WikiMobile, the ability to manually switch between 2G/3G, and most importantly, Visual Voicemail.  As of today, AT&T users can sign up for voicemail online, or through customer service for the added cost of...wait for it...nothing!  That's right, AT&T isn't charging an additional fee for Visual Voicemail (yet).  Download it here (be sure to select "BlackBerry Bold 9000" in the dropdown menu).

Nokia 6650 recalled due to service issues?
According to internal AT&T communications, the Nokia 6650 has been recalled due to battery life and other "issues" stemming from a network upgrade in South Florida.  All stores have been asked to stop selling the device and ship back to the distribution center in Dallas/Fort Worth.  For those that currently own the device, my recommendation would be to call AT&T for suggestions on a potential device replacement.  Via PhoneArena, Howard Forums

FTC approves Sprint's buyout of Virgin Mobile
Yesterday, the FTC gave antitrust clearance (in other words, the formal "thumbs up") to Sprint in regards to the buyout of Virgin Mobile, moving the deal forward and clearing the largest hurdle in the acquisition process.  Though the deal may have to be reviewed by the FCC due to an international license transfer between Virgin Mobile and Sprint, the deal is all but guaranteed to go through.  Via MobileCrunch

Samsung Instinct HD shows up on Best Buy website

A firm release date continues to be a mystery, but the Samsung Instinct HD made a brief appearance on Best Buy's website, with tiny print stating that pricing was effective from "August 23rd to September 26th."   A Best Buy exclusive, the device will offer a 5-megapixel camera, with TV-out functionality.  Via BGR

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