AT&T pulls software update recently released for Bold

Aaron Baker
member from Dallas, TX
Published: September 5, 2009

In the latest edition of my "what are you doing, AT&T?" segment (ok, I really don't have this segment yet, but I'm seriously considering it), the carrier has decided to remove the BlackBerry Bold software update that was launched just over a week ago.  Those running Visual Voicemail are in luck, as the carrier isn't removing support for it - but as for official software, it's back to

Keep in mind that was the first official software update since November 2008; needless to say, it's a bit frustrating for Bold users.  Between November of 2008 and August of 2009 (when the software update was released), one would think that the carrier could work out the bugs.  As of now, there's no ETA for its return.

Source: BGR

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