iPhone Game: Adrenaline Golf, specifically designed for 3G S graphics

| September 11, 2009

I’ve never been one for sports, but I find myself playing all sorts of things when electronics are involved. (I’m not bad at Wii Tennis, for example, but get me on a real court, and I stink. Sorry, but balls whizzing past my head freak me out.)

Likewise, I may not be a golf fan, but I’m tempted by Adrenaline Golf, a new game designed for the iPhone. What makes this different from other iPhone distractions is that it may be the first game release that focuses on the 3G S’ mighty graphics capability.

Unlike its predecessors, the latest model’s support of OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics opens up some eye candy that the 2G and even 3G models can’t deliver. That means 3D-accelerated games designed specifically for the 3G S could look way sexier than the rest. And if developers don’t feel like supporting all the iPhone models, they don’t have to: They could just focus on the super shiny 3G S versions.

Eurocenter, a French software company, claims its new Adrenaline Golf is the first game to leverage the 3G S' OpenGL ES 2.0 capabilities. (It’s actually not — Rocket Pocket’s Blue Skies has apparently been optimizing its game for the 3G S for a awhile now.) Whatever the case, this game is still quite a looker.

What’s also nice here is that, though the developer could’ve made this 3G S only, it didn’t. The game automatically selects the right graphics engine upon launch. So yeah, you can run it on your old 2G, if you want. But I  advise not looking at it on a 3G S after that, because it might make you drool.

If you want to see the difference anyway, Engadget did a side-by-side comparison of the Adrenaline Golf graphics on a 3G S versus a 3G. Click here for a peek.

[via Endadget]

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