Verizon: Another Android phone passes FCC, BlackBerry Curve 8530 also on tap

Published: September 29, 2009

Looks like Verizon-toting Android fans are going to have another option coming. According to BGR, the HTC Desire has just been approved by the FCC and certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

To be honest, my reaction to this news was “Huh? What’s the Desire?” Well, no wonder. There haven’t been a whole lot of details on this device yet. All that’s known about this enigmatic handset is that it popped up on VZW’s system earlier this month. So call it what you will — the Desire or the ADR6200 — it’s definitely a comin’.

In light of the carrier also getting the Motorola Sholes (which also just passed the FCC), plus rumors of another upcoming Android device (codenamed Calgary), it almost seems like Verizon’s getting ready for a Droid-a-palooza.

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If Android’s not your thing, then how about something in a BlackBerry? According to another sneak peek at the carrier’s inventory system, the Curve 8530 is coming on board the Big Red bus. By all accounts, the handset is expected to be a lower end device with a slim profile, optical trackball and Wifi onboard, and come in two colors: black or lavender.

On the same list is the BlackBerry Storm 9550, which is expected to launch sometime around October. Most pundits are thinking that the Curve 8530 will probably follow some time after that, possibly even in time for the holidays.

But that’s just speculation. There are no hard facts on arrival or ship date. The only thing that’s known for sure is that the sku numbers are in the system. And that Verizon has what appears to be a massive leak when it comes to their inventory system. (But hey — I’m not complaining.)

With all the Verizon news lately, it certainly seems that the carrier’s trying to flesh out its line-up. Who knows? At this rate, maybe it’ll finally ditch its “great network, lousy phones” rep.

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