Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X10 (X3) to be announced Nov 3

| October 27, 2009

Gotta love early announcements. Sony Ericsson’s first foray into Android — the XPERIA X10 (aka X3 or “Rachael”), which was once thought to be slated for 2010 — is having its coming out party on November 3.

Leaks of the official brochure sort of indicated this might be the case, and now there’s confirmation, á la the company’s own event page. (As evidence, the HTML source includes several references to the codename “Rachael.”)

While many industry watchers were keeping their eyes on the HTC Dragon and the Moto Sholes/Droid, Rachael comes out of nowhere and sashays up to the front of the line. Is she the marrying kind, or just a tease? Well, if she meets expectations, then it could be love for many an Android fankid. Check it out:

  • If rumors pan out, this will be the first Android phone with an 8 MP camera and 4-inch screen.
  • XPERIA X10 is expected to have a 1GHz Snadragon CPU, which would make it wicked fast.
  • The storage — good golly, the storage, man! 32 GB in addition to an expansion slot.
  • A very pretty and slick UI, whose early version sent bloggers hearts a flutter last summer.

Crystal clear pics haven't surfaced yet, but you can hop over here to see some leaked images that were floating around recently. And while some bloggers are guessing Tmo will pick this up, there hasn't been any official word on the carrier to date. We'll hopefully know for sure soon, though.

[ via Engadget Mobile]


CORRECTION: The original post said it would be launched on November 3. As you all know, when manufacturers send out event dates, it usually means that an announcement will be made. So Sony Ericsson will likely introduce the phone on Nov 3, when it will publicize an upcoming date for launch. The text has been fixed now. Sorry if this got your hopes up.