Ad blunder mentions Pixi's Wifi (huh?)

| November 3, 2009

Sprint's Palm Pixi ad errantly mentions Wifi


That little item underlined in red may have gotten some WebOS fans’ hopes up. (And it had some of us in the industry do a doubletake). That is, until someone at Sprint HQ noticed the colossal mistake of listing Wifi as a feature on the Pixi. Looks like the online ad’s been corrected now, but as far as I’m concerned, it still contains a gaffe: “Huge touchscreen”? Um, not exactly.

Will the real Palm Pixi please stand up? Yes, you there — without the Wifi card. Get ready for your launch on 11/15. If only you really did have it, I’m pretty sure that your $99.99 (after MIR) would’ve made you a fairly popular kid. Still, let’s see what happens when PhoneDog puts you through the paces in the coming weeks. 

Here’s some PD background info for you: Noah asked me to check out the Pre’s “slimmer kid sister” for the site. I know — I don’t generally do a whole lot of device reviews, instead sticking mainly to industry news and iPhone-related topics. So why did the Krav kick this to me? Maybe because I have smaller fingers, and that keypad looks TINY… Or maybe because Palm launched Pixi back at Fashion Week in New York and he likes my style ... Or, most likely, because it's high time I got myself into gear, reviewing some non-Apple smartphones. Maybe I'll even get my hands on a hot Android device really soon, hmm?

Via: PreCentral, Engadget

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