BillShrink cost of ownership analysis: Pre, MyTouch beat out iPhone 3GS, Moto Droid

| November 3, 2009

More fodder for the cost-conscious: According to a recent cost comparison from, the cost of owning a Palm Pre or MyTouch 3G is $1,250 less than AT&T’s iPhone or Verizon’s Moto Droid.  

To come up with this number, it assumed unlimited voice and data, which of course works out in favor of America’s #3 and #4 carriers. (Actually, the cost savings would probably still bear out for any device they carry.)

But the question is — is it worth saving some bucks to suffer through blackouts (see Aaron’s post on Tmo’s nationwide voice outage) or data wipes (remember the Sidekick/Danger fiasco)? Only you and your wallet knows. In any case, I think Tmo might be putting its award-winning customer service skills to the test this evening.

As for the numbers, see how they stack up by check the chart below or click here to read the full story.

Via:, MobilitySite