Aaron's Top Five Non-Smartphones for the 2009 Holiday Season

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: November 24, 2009

Quite regularly, I'm asked a question considered by many in this world to be relatively straightforward: "what cell phone do you use?"  Despite the simplicity of the statement, responding is hard to do.  This week, I carried the Bold and iPhone.  Last week, I carried the Bold and Hero.  The week before that, I carried the Bold and Storm2.  In early October, I carried the Bold and Tour.  You get the idea.  It changes on a regular basis (and when I say "regular," I'm referring to a weekly basis).

Sure, I'm a BlackBerry addict through and through (and as such, my first smartphone choice will always be a BlackBerry), but there are a bevy of devices that I sport, or have used on a regular basis at some point in my wireless career.  It's worth noting that this is my list, so naturally, it's biased and based on what I carry (or have carried) on a regular basis.  You're entitled to your own opinion - and list of devices you carry, for that matter.

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LG enV3

1. LG enV3 - Verizon
If I didn't have to carry a smartphone for business purposes, I would carry the LG enV3.  The exterior display, keypad, and internals are all refined from the enV2.  Looks great, feels great in the hand, and the QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to pound out text messages and e-mails.  I successfully convinced both my Mother and Grandmother to purchase one, and they've been happy (and texting nonstop) ever since.

LG Rumor 2

2. LG Rumor 2 - Sprint
After purchasing it for a good friend of mine when it launched, I instantly became fond of the device.  It looked good, was easy to type on, and Sprint's OneClick user interface made it great to work with.  The Rumor 2 sports threaded text messaging, Sprint Navigation, and more.

Nokia Mural 6750

3. Nokia Mural 6750 - AT&T
Nokia has always performed well in the reception and battery life department (for me, at least), so the 6750 would be on my top five list.  Featuring 3G connectivity, a large numeric keypad, and exterior MP3 buttons, it seems to be quite reliable.  My only complaint is that it doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung Rogue

4. Samsung Rogue - Verizon
Another one of my favorites on Verizon, the Samsung Rogue offers a stunning AMOLED screen, 3.5mm headphone jack instead of Samsung's proprietary connection (thank heavens), EVDO Rev. A, and a solid camera.  The only challenge I encountered was the layout of the QWERTY keyboard - it's a bit frustrating due to the placement of the navigational keys.

Nokia Twist 7705

5. Nokia Twist 7705 - Verizon
I absolutely love the design of the Twist.  It's unique, and the QWERTY keyboard is among the best I've used for a non-smartphone.  While battery life could have been a bit better, I had some potential long-term build quality concerns.  Would the hinge hold up over time?  Obviously, it's something that I can't speculate on in the present, but with any form factor that breaks the established mold, it's always a possibility.