PhoneDog considers new iPhone site, runs 'Name Our Domain' mini contest

| Published: November 24, 2009

Hey iPhone users, listen up: Just wanted to give you some inside buzz straight from PhoneDog's virtual boiler room. After the grand slam successes of and, we're kicking around the idea of doing an iPhone site. And so, I'm tapping the PD brain trust (i.e., you, our loyal readers) for your opinions.

To change things up this time, you get to participate right from the very beginning. We want to know what you want (or need) to make life with your iPhone even better. News and rumors? Apps and accessories? Tutorials? Jaibreaking info? Weigh in below.

Now this isn't a done deal yet, but your feedback could help get this project off the ground and even help shape the new site.

So it turns out, is taken, but we've got a few contenders, and we decided to open the floor to you. If you’re feeling one of these below, please vote on your fav.

If you’ve picked one, then great — you’re job is done. But, if you can think of a better one… (This is where the mini contest comes in.)

SHOW US YOUR GENIUS BY SENDING IN YOUR IDEA FOR AN IPHONE-ORIENTED URL. Get creative, fun, clever, or even play it straight — you can send in as many ideas as you want! If your entry wins, you’ll get 50 bucks, plus the pride of knowing you’ve dubbed what is destined to become the go-to resource for iPhone coverage. Qualified entries must:

  • contain the word iPhone (or at least something with an obvious and immediate tie into mobile Apple)
  • end with “.com”
  • be no more than 15 characters long (not including “.com”) — but preferably less
  • be freely available, and not parked, for sale or otherwise taken. (Check to know if it's available.)
  • be kept secret. (If you have a great idea, and it’s available, please don’t post it in the comments here)

HOW TO ENTER: Just email your idea, along with your name and city/state to: COMMUNITY@PHONEDOG.COM, with the subject: “iPhone/Name Our Domain entry.” (Serious entries only, please. And definitely let us know in the email if we can publish either your name or PhoneDog username, or if you wish to remain anonymous.)


Once all entries have been received, and we've reviewed the poll results and entries submitted, we'll announce the new domain name on And this is only the first step. There are going to be more opportunities to get involved coming up soon. In fact, if you missed out on DroidDog and BBerryDog’s logo contests, you might even get a third shot to show off your design talent. So consider this a head's up, and definitely stay tuned for details on this and more in the days to come.

(And sssshhhh! Let's keep this just between us here at PhoneDog, k?)


UPDATE1: The email address for contest entries was changed to Submissions to the previously listed one ( are safe, and are on file, so please don't resend. But new entries should go to the new address. Thanks!

UPDATE2: Just wanted to point out that, according to, both and, which are awesome, are sadly already taken. This is partially why the domain name is so challenging! To those who asked, the URL/name does NOT have to be dog-related. Keep up the good brainstorming!


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