iPhone apps: Celebrities' 8 favorite programs

| November 27, 2009

Here’s a little light reading for your holiday weekend: Last month, CNN Money ran a piece titled “Celebrities’ Favorite iPhone Apps.” It strikes me as bit of a misnomer though — Celebs? I’ve never heard of some of these people. Even so, it’s a fun little list of programs, with special appearances by some familiar faces. So is T-Pain’s top app “I Am T-Pain”? Is that Food Network celeb’s pick a cooking-oriented program? Well, that would be too predictable. But see what they did choose below.

Neil Patrick Harris favorite iphone app is Hitchcock

Fav App: Hitchcock
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, ACTOR: "Allows you to create storyboards using photos from your camera. Inspiring and great for the director in me."

Yves Behar's favorite iPhone app is First Words

Fav app: First Words
YVES BEHAR, INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER: “My 2 1/2-year-old figures out all the words, spells them in English and French, and laughs every time that he gets it right.”

Rachael Ray's favorite iPhone app is Quordy

Fav App: Quordy
RACHAEL RAY, CELEBRITY CHEF: "It's like having Boggle in your iPhone — you just shake it, and the letters scramble on the screen. Quordy helps me pass the time in the back seat of a car."

Bonnie Hammer's favorite iPhone app is Bionic Eye

Favorite app: Bionic Eye
BONNIE HAMMER, PRESIDENT, NBCU CABLE: "When I'm on the road and need a Starbucks fix, I just point my camera at the street, and within minutes I'm sipping a soy chai latte."

T-Pain's favorite iPhone app is NOT "I am T-pain"; it's Amateur Surgeon

Fav app: Amateur Surgeon
T-PAIN, RAPPER: “Any Adult Swim app is the best." In this particular game, you play the role of a pizza delivery boy who must learn to be a surgeon.”

The favorite iPhone app of Randall Stephenson, AT&T's CEO, is Kindle

Fav app: Kindle
RANDALL STEPHENSON, CEO, AT&T: There’s no quote here, but the CEO of iPhone's wireless carrier is a devotee of Amazon's eReader app. (With iPhone rumored to hop onto Verizon next year, and Android on the offensive this year, no doubt he’s too busy to give a proper quote.)

Kelly Slater's favorite iPhone app is Gig Baby

Fav app: Gig Baby
KELLY SLATER, PROFESSIONAL SURFER: A music-making app with a metronome, a four track recorder, and a drum machine. “It's great for recording music on the fly.”

Dana Delany's favorite iPhone app is Crosswords

Fav app: Crosswords
DANA DELANY, ACTRESS: "I do the New York Times crossword on Friday and Saturday. The great thing is it will give you the answers the next day if you want to cheat."

Quote and Images via: CNN Money

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