iPhone app: PopSci Tech Buyer's Guide

| November 30, 2009

Here’s something for all you tech fiends (or holiday shoppers): Popular Science has a new Tech Buyer's Guide iPhone app available in the App Store.

With product recommendations and consumer tips for 17 different categories of technology, the app is basically the same as the website’s version of the guide, but with one big difference: It's mobile. That means you can take this with you to the store, look up reviews on that digital camera or netbook and do a price check/comparison on that dollar figure right on the spot. (And if you want to drop a subtle hint to your parent or significant other, about this being the best price for this droolworthy gadget, even better.)

Seriously, if you have an iPhone and you’re into tech (which I’m assuming you are, if you’re here and reading this), then it’s a no-brainer. Hit up the App Store here to download it for free. 

Popular Science's iPhone app: Tech Buyer's Guide

Via: PopSci.com

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