Reality show with iPhone app developers

| Published: December 8, 2009

Ever wondered what it takes to make an iPhone app? Here’s your chance to find out, without putting in a lot of time or resources. The developers at Command Guru started its live iPhone Reality Show at their website this week.

A streaming internet series that started on Sunday and continues through Saturday, the show takes a revealing look at one team’s efforts to develop a complete app in one week. The feed has already started, but if this is the first you’re hearing of this, don’t worry: You can catch up on the highlights by visiting The remainder of the spots will go live every day at 12:30am PST until the end of the week. (The crazy start time comes from the fact that the vids are recorded in Italy.) Or if you’re into the real nitty gritty, you can click on the “Live” button there and see what they’re doing right now, uncut and unedited.

Don’t expect any sensationalist drama or hair-pulling cat fights. Seems like the big audience for this voyeuristic project is probably other code monkeys or wannabes. Don’t get me wrong, though — it’s pretty mesmerizing for a few minutes, but hardcore geeks are likely the only ones who will stay fixed on it for long periods of time. But check it out and decide for yourself:

iPhone Reality Show - (click the link to visit the site)

iPhone reality Show -

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