What up, Droid? 12/10/09

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| December 10, 2009

Each Thursday night I sit down and gather the links I want to include in my weekly installment of What up, Droid? and attempt to situate each one gracefully within logical, flowing text. Maybe I'm out of it. Maybe my eyes and brain are exhausted from the final week of the semester. Perhaps I just need a nap. But this week's stories seem so scattered and disparate that I'm not sure how to tie them all together. So I'm going to begin with the easy stuff and hope the rest just falls into place without much pain.

Free stuff!

PhoneDog's Android sub-site, DroidDog, has launched a myTouch 3G holiday giveaway with the help of our friends over at T-Mobile. Watch a video to learn about the contest and win a myTouch 3G! That is, if you really want one


Rumors and leaks HTC Bravo LEAK

Remember that leak where a bunch of HTC device names turned up in some code? Well, the small spring became a river this week when a virtual roadmap for HTC's 2010 plans burst onto the scene. Images, specs, marketing categories, carriers, release dates...it's all there. I can't verify any of the information is accurate, but it seems likely that a chunk of it is.

At first sight, I thought it was fake - nothing but mud in the water. Now, I'm thinking I should start deciding on my next device. Scratch that. I might have decided already (see image above). One phone that didn't turn up in the second leak was the Espresso - thought to be a QWERTY-packin' successor to the European Hero.

The non-HTC rumors of the week (that's how Android works, right? There's HTC and then everyone else) include a bit about the Moto Backflip being headed for AT&T, more Moto Sholes Tablet shots, what could be the first Android iDEN phone, and an image that folks are saying is the Saturn.

Reviews, impressions, and more

PhoneDog had plenty of reviews posted in this past week, and Android was the star of the show. We have multi-part reviews, different perspectives on the same devices, and a good mix of video vs. written content, so check these out:

Aaron gave us his first impressions of HTC's Eris, for which an OTA update is rolling out (same goes for Droid as well). I shot a video walk-through of the camera software, and Noah took the phone for a spin also.

Next up on Noah's list was the Samsung Behold II. You can check out his written impressions here. I found an opportunity to complain about the Cube UI on video, because, you know...all the cool kids are doing it.

If all that doesn't satisfy your thirst for phone reviews and videos, check out this Acer Liquid unboxing video or some snapshots of a GeeksPhone One unboxing.

Geek stuff

No weekly Android summary would be complete without at least a few words on the state of hacking. The Motorola Droid has been rooted, as has Acers Liquid (already?).

See ya!

Those are the major items of the week as I see them, folks. Here are the scraps:

T-Mo customers, get ready to splurge on apps and charge it to your mobile bill.

Motorola's new ads

If you wanna be you, be you. (I made a dirty limerick of that and my better judgment edited it.)

What's Dell cookin'?

Take care.