AT&T 3G data network experiences issues in San Francisco

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| December 11, 2009

AT&T Logo

After an evening in which several AT&T customers in the San Francisco Bay Area were unable to utilize the 3G cellular data network, most issues seem to be resolved. 

Earlier in the evening, reports circulated about 3G data connectivity not working.  Shortly thereafter, AT&T issued a statement, obtained by Engadget Mobile:

"We are seeing a hardware issue in downtown San Francisco that is causing some degradation in service. GSM and EDGE voice and data services are still accessible. Our experts are aware and working to resolve as quickly as possible. Further resolution is expected this evening."

After disabling 3G, data services were said to work properly.  As of 12:20 AM EST, it appears that most of the issues have been resolved, despite an initial claim that services could take up to 48 hours to be fully operational. 

If you're located in the Bay Area, are data services working properly for you?  Sound off in the comments.

Via: IntoMobile, Engadget Mobile