Google Phone: HTC made, sold by Google, T-Mobile supported

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| December 12, 2009

And we're off to the rumor races.

Yesterday everyone started tweeting about the "real" Google Phone.

Today, David over at TmoNews is reporting that the device exists and has been bandied about in internan T-Mobile US documents for some time now. The big news here is that Google's apparently going to sell the thing themselves:

  • The phone will be sold direct by Google. Google will handle device hardware support.
  • T-Mobile US will provide voice/data services and handle billing and account support
  • HTC will make the handset, and according to those documents David says he's seen, this will be the HTC "Passion" we've all been rumor juiced up about for some time now
  • No word on whether or not this will be a T-Mo exclusive. If Google's selling it themselves, I'm betting the farm on, "No!"

More details over on TMonews, of course but this jibes with that tip I got about Passion not heading to Verizon (at least not for now), and the next year being a "revolutionary" one in the wireless space. Google selling phones themselves? Welcome to the age of carriers as dumbpipes.

[Via; TmoNews]