Teenager runs up $22,000 cell phone bill

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| December 14, 2009

Cell phone bill

I have three wireless accounts, and I hate getting the bills when they're normal amounts.  Paying several hundred dollars for wireless service month after month gets old.  That being said, I would have had a heart attack if I received a $22,000 bill. That's more than some mid-range cars!

Ted Estarija added his 13-year-old to his wireless account last month, and expected to see increases as a result of prorations.  During the course of the month, his son downloaded about 1.4 million kilobytes of data.  Without a data plan, the account was billed on a per megabyte basis, bringing the total bill to $21,917.  As expected, he took the phone away from his son, and suspended the account.

After the media began reporting on it, Verizon Wireless agreed to refund the data charges.  A company spokeswoman said that the carrier investigates cases with large bills.  What would you do with a $22,000 bill?

Via: MercuryNews