Adriana's Gift Guide: Bluetooth earbuds

| December 18, 2009

According to CNN Money, holiday shoppers are procrastinating this season more than in the past five years! On average, consumers have finished less than 50% of their gift lists by the second week in December. This means that, at this point, most of us still have an enormous amount of shopping left to do. 

There’s only a week left before Christmas, so in honor of the procrastinators in our midst (a group in which I proudly — or sadly — take part), I am spotlighting a few items that I think are great last-minute holiday gifts. Some will be universal products, others will be iPhone-centric — I am the iPhone editor, after all (but even if you don’t have an Apple handset, chances are good you have someone on your list who does). Either way, these are some of my favorite accessories on the market right now.  



Okay, so people love them or hate them. Some drool over new releases, others need them for work. Either way, the Bluetooth headset market is exploding, and there are way more choices than ever before. 

The battle over BT coolness or lameness was illustrated beautifully via a little Twitter feud between our own Noah Kravitz and Aaron Baker. It went something like this: 

@Phonedog_Noah: Hey, @PhoneDog_Aaron You ripped off my twitter photo look…
@PhoneDog_Aaron: Same direction and all! Except I have a Bluetooth headset on, so I'm cooler
@Phonedog_Noah: @Ew4n: aren't they called twat earrings?
(@dqmhose: ...elvis hair makes everything cool!)
@PhoneDog_Aaron: Exactly!  Take that!  RT @dqmhose: ...elvis hair makes everything cool!

(If you’re not following Noah or Aaron, you should. They’re hilarious. Click on the links above to follow them. Hey, if you’re doing that, might as well follow me too!)


So is it true? Do these headsets make people look lame? Could there actually be any sweet-looking ones available right now? Or if not hot-looking, at least ones that are so good and so useful, that customers love them anyway? Based on my research, I say YES. (Take that, Noah! jk!) When it comes to quality, these headsets don’t come cheap (most hover around $130 bucks or so), but if there’s a power-talker among your closest loved ones, one of these beauties could be up their alley. 


Part 1: Novero — TheFirstOne